Act6 Missions

What's In A Name


What’s in a name? Act6 Missions

Act – It’s about taking action and creating positive change in the world through service.  Most people talk about what’s wrong or what needs to be done, but very few actually get off the couch and start working on the problems.  The problems we face may seem insurmountable, but it’s not going to get any better if we don’t get after it.  Veterans are men and women of action.  We go, we do, and we accomplish the mission.

6 – In the military, the hours on a clock are used to define direction.  12 o’clock is where you are facing or moving and therefore your “6” is you rear.  Someone must always be pulling rear security or “watching your 6”.  From this came the term “I’ve got your 6” aka, I’ve got your back.  Our deployments are as much about helping Veterans as they are about helping the others we set out to serve.

Missions – Well, that’s how we do it.  We take the unique skills of Veterans and apply them to the world’s problems while sharing God’s love.  Helping those we serve and giving Veterans a renewed sense of purpose as they strive together for a greater good that is bigger than themselves.  Something most people in today’s society don’t understand, but a principle that Veterans lived by while in the military.