Act6 Missions

Mission + Story



Our Mission is to utilize the unique skills of Veterans to serve those in need and share God’s love through missions.

In this way, we achieve our dual goals of helping the communities in which we serve while providing Veterans with a renewed sense of purpose and adventure.


After separating from the Army and joining the civilian world, like many Veterans, I found myself bored out of my mind and searching for purpose.  I needed to be striving for something greater than myself, and I missed the brotherhood of the military. 

After years of struggling through the day to day, I found myself on a mission trip in Haiti.  It was an amazing experience, and upon return a team member made the comment that my military background uniquely prepared me for mission work.  That’s when the light bulb came on. 

I’m not the only one with these skills; all Veterans are uniquely qualified for mission work.  We all have experience living and operating in less than optimal conditions.  We’ve all gained trust and built relationships in foreign cultures while effectively using an interpreter.  We have a plethora of rare skills that we developed while serving our country.

What makes it even better is that we need this.  Deep down, Veterans have a servant’s heart and a sense of adventure that led us to join the military.  Mission work gives us the opportunity to be part of a close knit team of bad asses again, and to serve others while working for something greater than ourselves.

Out of this realization, Act6 Missions was born.  We now seek to use this previously untapped resource to affect positive, Godly change in the world.